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Hi, I'm Jaz! Your New
Productivity Coach

As a productivity coach, I help women collapse the time it takes to get what they want without the burnout.

Is This You?

Burned Out.

Does your day-to-day include prioritizing work, family, friends, etc. over your own needs? Unfortunately in today's society, women are still doing too much for others and not enough for themselves. This results in living a life full of exhaustion and unfulfillment. Think about what would unfold for you if part of your daily routines included an emphasis on self-care and focusing on what YOU want. The possibilities are limitless.


Lacking Confidence.

We’ve all heard the phrase “confidence comes from within”, but the fact is, much of our confidence, or lack thereof, is created in childhood. Without outside help and guidance, we spend our lives being amazed at other confident women, feeling like we just missed the memo. But I have good news! You can change and become the most confident version of yourself. You can be a woman who is sure of herself and goes after what she wants.

Feeling Unworthy.

Many women struggle with feelings of unworthiness. We think we’re not smart enough, not pretty enough, or not [fill in the blank] enough. While these feelings are not facts, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel real to us. Without facing them head-on, we can get stuck in cycles of self-doubt and as a result, afraid to go after what we want.

Sad on Couch
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What Would Your Life Look Like If You Believed In Yourself?


  • Your mental, emotional, and physical well-being would improve.

  • You would go after that promotion, reach new heights in your career, and get paid what you deserve.

  • You could take time for yourself, travel the world, explore life, and enjoy new experiences. 

  • You would take that next step in your life, be it owning a home (or two), finding love, or cultivating more meaningful relationships.

  • You would really and honestly love your life... because you love yourself.

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What If I Told You This Could Be You In Just 8 Weeks?

Green Leaves

My program will help you...

See the truth about yourself, that you are unlike anyone else in the world, and that your value is intrinsic. Through my one-of-a-kind self-mastery course, we create a map to productivity, success, and results, where you become a confident powerhouse, taking charge of your future and transforming your life into something you love.

Still think your goals are unattainable?

They’re not! You are 100% capable of getting everything you want out of life, and more. But you can’t do it alone! To change, we need help and support. That's where I come in.

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The 8-Week Self-Mastery Intensive

This framework will help you address the way you think, feel, and act to become a productive powerhouse in 8 weeks.

Within the Self-Mastery Intensive, you will see improvements in:

Yoga Session


WFH Setup


Portrait with Glasses


Rock Balancing

Life Balance

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This program includes...

1 Strategy Session (60 Minutes)

This session will help you define all the goals you have for yourself and then determining a customized strategy to help you accelerate progress towards your goals.


1 Roadmap Creatrix Session (1 x 60 Minutes)

Here is where we create a roadmap together that'll attach prioritization, timelines, and success metrics to each of your goals so that they feel more tangible as we begin working together.

1 Refinement Session  (1 x 60 Minutes)

Now that we have your roadmap, it's time to finalize our plans towards success. We finalize our strategy and our immediate goals we want to target first and then it's showtime. :)

Self-Mastery Coaching  (5 x 60 Minutes)

During these coaching sessions, we will transform your mindset and cultivate confidence so that you are always emotionally and mentally ready to break through any challenger or blockers as you work towards your goals.


Unfiltered Access

Through daily communications, you can track wins, get real-time support, and sustain progress so you can experience positive and lasting results.


 What You Can Expect From Working With Me

If you've been searching for a 'productivity coach near me', you probably noticed that most coaching programs don’t offer much-individualized support. With my 90-Day Self-Mastery Course, you get access to 1:1 coaching that is designed around what you really need.

Think about this...


In 8 Weeks You Can Finally:

  • Transform your mindset to know (and believe) that you can accomplish any goal by adopting essential strategies – without the overwhelm.

  • Invite More Balance Into Your Life.

  • Transform into a go-getter who goes after what she wants.

  • Set healthy boundaries to achieve your goals.

  • Claim your action-based skills to create a deeply productive flow that leaves you feeling refreshed, energized, and supported on all levels.

  • Utilize a system that allows you to continuously complete your goals (even after the program) as you enjoy your life outside of work and continue to make time for self-love.

And more.

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Self-Mastery Does More Than Just Make You Feel Better

I’m here because I believe, not only in you, but in the power of being your own best friend. When we invest in ourselves, we get a boost of confidence, motivation, and resilience that can see us through the ebbs and flows of life.

Not only does it make our emotional and mental health better, but our physical health improves. When we are grounded in confidence, we can set healthy boundaries, find balance in our lives, and create more meaningful relationships.

It’s all possible, and it all starts with you!

How It Works

The Self Mastery Coaching Program Explained

My program works to address the root of your issues so you can face them and overcome them once and for all. I offer clients personalized support as they transform the way they see themselves and design the life and future they’ve always wanted.

You Can Become The Person You Were Meant To Be


There is no time like right now to start living the way you want and as the person you were meant to be. You don’t have to do it alone. I'm here to walk you through every step. We can change your life together.

Ready to Begin?

Jojo, The Master Strategist

"Jaz is an awesome coach with a great flexible program. As a single mom working a high-stress job, Jaz helped me learn how to better manage my responsibilities while still taking care of me."
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