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Reinvent Your Way of Working

I’m here to help your business take its first step towards working in an agile way to improve performance. This includes a core focus on work-life balance as I help to improve:

  • Business Agility

  • Productivity

  • Improved Project Predictability

  • Team Morale


About Me

Hi there! I'm Jaz, your new workflow consultant :)

I am a hands-on Agile consultant and workflow strategist. Through the years, I have worked as a business analyst, project manager, product manager, and senior scrum master.

My goal is to be an extension of your team, help your business adopt the agile-lean mindset, and build a workflow strategy that's right for your business.

Ready for your business to break into the agile world for better results? 

View my process below to understand how I can help your business optimize workflows and accelerate success.

The 'How'




Define the goals, problem(s), analyze, & measure. I complete this step from the leadership level to the team level to ensure alignment between all parties.

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Define, measure, and finalize the solution that enables business success. This is done in collaboration with the applicable team(s).

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Identify opportunities for improvement as teams execute on agile principles and solutions.



Reflect and learn from the past as your business continues to improve on business agility and tactful scaling. I leave you with a detailed roadmap that outlines your next steps to ensure you continuously improve and maintain optimized workflows.

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Let's Get Started

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